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Minitronix Machines Pvt. Ltd.
Minitronix, a partnership company established in 1975 became Minitronix Machines Pvt. Ltd. in 2009. We specialise in manufacturing Mains & Medium Frequency Induction Heating Machines for shrink fitting applications. We design and implement each machine to suit customer’s exact requirement which includes automation required for these machines. We have supplied 100 plus custom made machines in last 12 years. We provide efficient after sales service which is seldom required. It is an attribute to our design that one service engineer suffices to attend all service calls.
Our other products are AQUA II PLUS Resistivity Meters for ground water exploration. Analogue Timers, Small Solid State Switches & Controllers for Packing and Vending machines.
Suresh Champhekar, Avinash Limaye and Ulhas Parashtekar are directors of Minitronix Machines Pvt. Ltd.
We along with our employees strive to achieve highest quality machines. We always invite our customer for trials & inspection of the machine before dispatch. Exhaustive Instructions and Maintenance manual is supplied with each machine.
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